Los Gatos Poolside Retreat






This rear yard features a natural shaped patio and pathway, while incorporating a newly installed swimming pool. The curvalinear shapes of the patio provide a softened edge to the rectalinear swimming pool. Pervious gravel patios and flagstone set on sand allow water to percolate naturally into the soil, while creating a casual space for family entertaining.


The owners of this home wanted to focus particularly on their love of California natives from the Channel Islands and Santa Barbara. The garden features native Ceanothus arboreus, Eriogonum arborescens, Galvezia speciosa, Mimulus longifolius, and Heuchera maxima, among others


The garden has filled in. Yellow flowering Mimulus longiflorus (front) and Eriogonum arborescens (middle) are established.

A dry-stacked Kinnesaw Ledgestone wall provides height at the rear of the pool for evergreen screen planting. The square cut shape of this stone ties in with the rectalinear pool shape, while the natural stacking method allows for a naturalistic look without using mortar.

In contrast, the east facing side yard is a 'woodland garden' of dry shade California natives. Cream flowering Island Alum root provides a cottage garden look in-keeping with the style of the house Pacific Wax Myrtle provides evergreen screening. Pacific Coast Iris will add a bluish purple accent flower in mid spring.

The north facing font yard continues the 'woodland garden' theme. Here, the owners wanted to keep some play lawn area, so I designed perimeter plantings that can tolerate some lawn overspray. Woodwardia fimbriata, giant chain fern, is planted under the windows alongside Pacific Coast Iris hybrid 'Canyon Snow'.

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