Monte Sereno Hillside Garden






I designed this hillside garden through HLD Landscape Architecture. A gazebo and a walking path for the owner form the backbone of the garden. Drought-tolerant plants beautify the slope and provide for wildlife.

Rock and boulders excavated during construcion of the home were used to create dry stacked stone terraces on the hillside. Re-using resources found onsite is a key element of sustainable landscaping.


California native plants such as Ceanothus 'Yankee Point', Salvia 'Bees Bliss', Mimulus aurantiacus, and Cercis occidentalis were planted in the sunny clearing and assist in erosion control

A wood arbor serves as a focal point and casual sitting spot to take in views.


Screening of the water tank will be achieved with Prunus caroliniana, a water-conserving evergreen tree, along with Coffeeberry, a California native evergreen shrub.

A gold decomposed granite pathway meanders through the hillside oak woodland. Myrica californica, California Wax Myrtle, is planted above the stacked stone wall to screen the water tanks above.

The plantings under the oak trees also include a drought toleran fern: Polystichum munitum, western sword fern.

Hillside staircase is built with 6 x 6 wood timbers filled with decomposed granite, a fairly permeable and non-intrusive way to create pedestrian access in a natural space. Low volt path lights are installed to assist night-time navigation.

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