Vibrant Spanish Style in Menlo Park






A custom designed wall and gate welcomes visitors into the front yard of this newly remodeled Spanish-Mission style home. The meandering pathway is Arizona flagstone. Plantings include a mix of phormium, succulents, grasses, and other drought tolerant specimens. I designed the entire masterplan, including all hardscape, walls, and plantings, through HLD Group Landscape Architecture. This home won a 2008 Environmental Award from the City of Menlo Park.


This home is located on a corner lot. Around the side of the home, an existing dracena tree remains. New plantings including the multi-color phormium, provide architectural interest and compliment the teal accent color.

Sunny, warm colors in the front yard plantings pick up the afternoon sunlight. Groundcoves include Convolvulus mauritanicus, Gazania, and Cerastium.

This striking combination includes a variegated phormium, Coyote mint, and Carex testacea, Brown Sedge.

Walking in the front yard, a fountain provides a centerpiece, aligned with the front door. The teal door in the center of the photo leads to a private courtyard.

Gazing ball outside the dining room window is accented with silver fescue bunchgrasses.

At the front gate, custom address accent tiles were selected by the owner. The iron gate has a rusted affect, so that it seems to have been in place for many years.

In the rear yard, existing pea gravel paths and sitting areas were spruced up and re-shaped. A new planting design was created for this shady area, incorporating Pacific Coast Iris, Ferns, and Heuchera. I also designed a custom patio of mixed flagstone, bricks, and tile for the front of a newly constructed cantina.

Alongside the new planting bed, a simple, eclectic screen was desired. I provided the owner with a design for a custom curvalinear bamboo fence set inside a welded metal frame.

Flax, succulents, and california natives such as Coffeeberry and Galvezia co-exist in harmony underneath a majestic oak in the side yard.

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