Sunnyvale Meandering Planters and Outdoor Kitchen






Meandering Mortarless stacked wall planter adds a playful curve to this suburban backyard. The existing soil grade was about twelve inches higher than the neighbor's, creating a raised bed was a natural solution. The wall sits on a gravel base and is extremely stable, doubling as a seatwall. California native Monkeyflower billows over the wall. Native Western Redbud provide accent. Three fruit trees were also incorporated

In the front yard, a natural sonoma fieldstone drystack wall to creates a low terrace in the existing slope. Wood timber stairs and stepstones allow for simple access. Newly planted Ceanothus Skylark, Galvezia speciosa, and Salvia clevlandii will fill in quickly.

The undulating stacked stone wall allows for a lower level of planting alongside the sidewalk while breaking up the straight lines of the sidewalk and house. Foothill Penstemon provides a purple-flowering accent. Festuca 'Siskyou Blue' provides a blue grey color to tie into the house color. The wood chip mulch is called 'Pro Chip' and is created from chipped wood diverted from the landfill. A non-toxic vegetable dye is added, giving the mulch a rich brown color.

In the rear yard, the custom-designed outdoor kitchen counter curves to form a gentle 'L' shape instead of a harsh right angle. This creates ample counter space for buffet serving in addition to plenty of room for the barbecue grill. The outdoor kitchen space tucks into the corner of the yard beside an existing orange tree. A new interlocking pavingstone patio in a grey/tan color provides a unified look for the rear yard

A simple two post arbor was designed to screen the large sliding glass door from hot southern sun. The arbor was crafted of Sustainably harvested Redwood and stained with a natural water-sealant by AFM Safecoat. Edible grape vines were planted in containers and will provide a seasonal green overhead affect and fresh fruit. The vines will lose their leaves in the winter, allowing light into the room.

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