Low Water Meadow


Inspired by the dry meadow landscapes along Highway 395 in eastern California, this colorful Campbell garden installed in 2006 includes low plants with grey foliage, red flowers, and yellow flowers, all with plants that will thrive in our area. Plants include Siskiyou Blue Fescue, California Fuchsia, Cedros Island Verbena, and Groundcover Manzanita. The outdoor color scheme harmonizes with both the exterior and interior contemporary style of the home.


Front yard features include a pavingstone ramp entry to the front door and a deck with casual seating. The curved deck bench also doubles as a backrest. Deck railings and window awnings are powder-coated steel. A meandering crushed stone path allows access for maintenance and play. Inline drip irrigation is installed for all planting areas.


The rear yard features a bench created from recycled concrete pieces. A round deck in a secluded corner provides a space for yoga and meditation. The main patio features steel posts to tie in with the front yard aesthetic, which support shade sails and clips for a hammock.