Hillside Bird Habitat


This Monte Sereno garden was installed in 2006 and features several hillside areas planted with California natives to attract birds. Plants include Manzanita, California Buckwheat, Dwarf Coyote Bush, Elderberry, Ceanothus, Deer Grass,  Golden Toyon, Salvia Bees Bliss, and California Black Oak.


The hillside areas include plants to allow for natural succession. Quick growing plants such as Elderberry, Ceanothus, and Sages were  planted, with the idea that in time lower-growing species such as Oaks and Manzanita would fill in.


The pervious pavingstone driveway is a ‘Uni Eco Stone’ paver. Gaps between the pavingstones are filled with fine gravel that allows water to percolate into the soil.