Oak Woodland Retreat


A mature Valley Oak tree is the inspiration for this rear yard craftsman style design installed in 2005 in San Jose. Step stones meander around the oak tree. A Connecticut bluestone patio set on a crushed stone base allows for ample seating while protecting the roots of the oak tree and allowing water to percolate into the soil. Craftsman-style wood detailing such as the gridded trellis and barbecue arbor unify the landscape and house.


A billowing meadow provides a natural and drought tolerant feature under the oak tree. The meadow was seeded with annual California wildflowers: Poppies, Gillia, Yarrow, and Clakia, which bloom in flushes of color. Over time, the grasses such as California Fescue have filled in and provide a permanent cover for the meadow.


A custom made bubbling rock fountain was created from a locally quarried rock. The water feature has a vanishing basin, which provides a natural look as well as a safety benefits. Many species of birds are drawn to the bubbling water.


In the front yard, natural stone creates interest. Coral Bells hybrid provides spring bloom. Wax Myrtle provides a screen between neighbors.